The Race


The Race
Kay L. Rice
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When will I be able to catch my breath?
Running harder for a destination that leads to death.
My eyes are clouded, blurred by sweat and tears.
Yet slowing down only feeds more deadly fears.

I give eternally till all is gone and spent.
I grow weaker, slower, as I am forced to bend.
Sleep is a stranger, rest is something faded away.
This was not my intent, not the price I planned to pay.

Nothing is good enough for the needs of this world.
I do not want to live at this pace any more.
I’m tired of running to only reach for shadows.
I don’t want to give until I’m a shell only hallow.

Let me rest, let me put myself back together.
Let me feel the sun on my face, let me enjoy the weather.
Take this burden of weight and journey from my shoulder.
Let me lean on you, just for a while, so I can be bolder.

I have pulled this weight alone for far too long.
Not sure the reason, except in my mind its to belong.
My heart is slowing, my dreams are fading, its all up to me.
I joined this race for one dream, to live free.




By Kay L. Rice

She rose from the dead on a cold Autumn night,
Beaten and scarred with eyes stolen of sight.
She was given the breath of beasts of gold,
As an angel filled her lungs with air ice cold.

She trained and she grew under watchful eye,
Learning to fight, to stand, protect and fly.
Days and nights of joy replaced a life of pain,
Knowing each morning she would never be the same.

She remembered when she had no voice,
A thunderous scream from her chest arose.
Staring at the scars, the burns, the brand,
Declaring never again from any one’s hand.

She left her city, broken lifted up in an angels arms,
Now, she returns to protect others from harm.
To those who prey on the weak and small, this believe
Karma has risen to protect, with sharp claws & teeth.

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Story & character copyright material of Kay L. Rice



Kay L. Rice

They say that ghosts can not hurt you.
I’m here to tell you that is not true.
You see, there’s a ghost that brings fears,
A ghost that in life brought nothing but tears.

Memories, spiked with fear and with sorrow.
The kind that teaches you there is no tomorrow.
Frozen, alone, left behind, forgotten from sight.
Better alone, then hunted down night after night.

Ghosts rise and taunt and burn in the mind.
Until you realize there is no where to hide.
You look at the scars and that’s all you see.
Until you realize there is nothing you can be.

At this point the ghost wins the fight it is done.
No, I refuse to allow the dead to be the victorious one.
I am an unwilling warrior and I will continue to fight,
The demon, the ghost, that tried to bury my soul in the night.

Along my path, my journey, my way,
Perhaps, a few others I can help save.
Perhaps? No, now, this will be my cause.
No one should have to live by another’s flaws.

No monster from stories can fill us with such horrors,
As much as the memory of a human we thought that adored us.
Then it’s time to move on, to grow and become strong,
Then perhaps we prove the promises of ghosts very wrong.

Please do not use without permission from Kay L. Rice.


By Kay L. Rice


I refuse to fail and to fall.
I will answer my heart’s call.
Call it a curse, call it a gift.
But I fade as the sun and moon shifts.

I fight every day, the monster inside.
The sun is rest and causes it to hide.
Sleep while I can before my heart beats.
Rest before the forest floor finds my feet.

Will you run from me if you saw the real me?
Will you lock your doors and hope I don’t see?
When the morning comes alive, I will find rest.
After all, the night is only, yet one more test.

Call it a gift, call it a curse,
Yet being normal might only be worse.
Let me run with the wild and hunt alone,
Let me stay alive while the moon grows.

Please do not use without permission from Kay L. Rice.

Battle Worn


When the moon rises and the sun sleeps,
When nightmares and passions fight for keeps,
When the wind howls and calls from the dark,
It begins, the time where I wake and walk.

I hear you, I hear your whispers, your tears.
I know and understand the darkness and the fears.
I’ve lived the nightmare and fought the creature.
I was once the student, but now I am the teacher.

The battle remains quite by day, and rages at night,
As the world sleeps we rise worn and tired but we fight.
I dare you to walk in my shoes, nightly facing the fire,
Knowing, that you can never rest, you must not tire.

But for you, I fight, for you I stay awake and alive,
For you and for me, each night into darkness I dive,
To fight the monster that stalks and feeds on our fears.
To protect and to guard and to wipe away your tears.


Night Mare

The wind is blowing once again,
Thunderous clouds are rolling in.
Night is falling in the midst of day,
Heat of summer gives to the cold of May.

The thunder speaks out to my soul,
The sky turns black, deeper then coal.
It mimics the nightmare that runs free,
The one that continues, to stalk me.

Out of the clouds, a bright flash,
like sparks from hooves, a loud crash.
The red of eyes peer from the storm,
The nightmare is coming, fear is born.

Memories, dreams, life and death,
Take hold of my heart, steal my breath.
She rides down from the dark sky,
The thunderous hooves, drown out my cry.

It’s only a storm, where day becomes night,
It’s only a dream that brings death from fright.
The nightmare returns with a rider on its back.
The storm leaves a path from it’s quick attack.





Kay Rice

I have had enough of tears,
Enough of pain and of fears.
I have been driven far to my knees,
And here is where strength found me.

For my choices alone made me a victim,
Breaking bones and heart, tearing limbs.
Then faith whispered making me a survivor,
Showing me life was meant to be more than tired.
And then at my darkest hour, my God made me a warrior,
Through love and patience, he delivered the final cure.
I am a fighter.

Please Do not use without permission of Kay Rice