Kay L. Rice

They say that ghosts can not hurt you.
I’m here to tell you that is not true.
You see, there’s a ghost that brings fears,
A ghost that in life brought nothing but tears.

Memories, spiked with fear and with sorrow.
The kind that teaches you there is no tomorrow.
Frozen, alone, left behind, forgotten from sight.
Better alone, then hunted down night after night.

Ghosts rise and taunt and burn in the mind.
Until you realize there is no where to hide.
You look at the scars and that’s all you see.
Until you realize there is nothing you can be.

At this point the ghost wins the fight it is done.
No, I refuse to allow the dead to be the victorious one.
I am an unwilling warrior and I will continue to fight,
The demon, the ghost, that tried to bury my soul in the night.

Along my path, my journey, my way,
Perhaps, a few others I can help save.
Perhaps? No, now, this will be my cause.
No one should have to live by another’s flaws.

No monster from stories can fill us with such horrors,
As much as the memory of a human we thought that adored us.
Then it’s time to move on, to grow and become strong,
Then perhaps we prove the promises of ghosts very wrong.

Please do not use without permission from Kay L. Rice.

Do you want to live forever?


I understand now
The unspoken vow.
The promise of the huntress.
The embracing of the curse.

To walk alone yet strong.
To great each day with song.
Don’t get too close to your heart,
As its too much a threat to start.

I understand now the road.
The gift of legends told.
Of dreams yet to become real,
Of treasures waiting to steal.

For Valeria once spoke with tears,
Looking at love seemed so unreal,
For the road beckons oh so clever,
After all “Do you want to live forever”.

Kay Rice
Please do not use without permission. Thank you.




Kay Rice ~ January 08, 2014

I’ve been doing a lot of observing lately.  Followed by a lot of thinking.  Perhaps it’s the arrival of a new year.  Perhaps wisdom and age are finally catching up to me.  There are times when I long for the return of my childhood roots and the cold of this winter has become one of those times.  I close my eyes and I remember the farmhouse on State Route 2.  I remember the smell of my Grandma’s bread baking in the kitchen and the smell of the wood floors and and the musty farmhouse.  Those are good memories.  I remember gathering freshly fallen snow in a large bowl and bringing it inside where my mom and/or my grandma would add fresh cream and sugar to it, mix it up and we would have a treat of cold snow-cream in frosty coffee cups.  So simple, yet a lasting memory of winter.

Simplicity, a word that seems to have become lost throughout the years.  Technology was supposed to make things more simple, but in essence it’s made it so much more complicated.  I should know, I’m a programmer in the “real world”.  My job is to make things look easy and simple to the outside world.  Sometimes that happens but quite honestly I think that in the effort to make things simple, we just made things more complicated.  We have phones that remind of us calendar appointments and phone numbers so our brain no longer knows how to remember these little facts, not to mention all the passwords that we have to keep changing to make sure some hacker doesn’t steal our personal information that we entrust into these devices.  We’ve made it simple to spend money, just swipe a card, we forget how hard it was to earn it and how to protect it.

Simplicity is paired up with being happy with what we have, with what we earn.  To understand that we don’t need the newest, shiniest gadget to make our lives “better”, more simple.  We do not need to have steak every night or the latest pre-packaged diet meal.  We can make due with what we have, the basics.  I love soups, you can’t get more basic then that when it comes to food.  It doesn’t need to be fancy, a few sweet potatoes, some black beans, some chicken stock, some rice or grain, some spice and tomatoes and you have a warming soup to fill you up and give you all your body needs.  It may not be fancy, but it’s good.  I look at simplicity as taking advantage of the seasonal fruits and vegetables and putting them up so that on cold winter days like today, I can have that sweet memory of summer.  The sweetness is doubled with the fact that it took my knowledge, skill and work to create something that I could use later.  The satisfaction of a job well done and the reward of enjoying it later.  We don’t get that today in our modern world.  The masses gulp down fast food and don’t really even taste it and to be honest its not good for you anyway.  Your body doesn’t want that garbage and it sure doesn’t need it either.  Your body doesn’t need fancy ingredients.  It doesn’t need expensive adornments.  It doesn’t need fancy gym memberships or electronics.  It doesn’t need a big fancy house filled with fancy furniture and pretty distractions.  It just needs, simplicity.

So with this thought I leave with you, as I go warm myself by my fireplace and enjoy a bowl of freshly cooked soup.  Do you know what you need from what you want?  Can you take the time to stop and look past all of the distractions of today’s busy modern world and find your corner of, Simplicity.


Kay Rice



Kay L. Rice

The only constant in this life is change.
Only with trial will the actor take the stage.
To let go of what we think is safe and what we know,
Is the only way to reach, where others fear to go.

The caterpillar spends its days on sunshine and leaf,
The summer days are lazy, but they are so brief.
Through pain and the shedding of the skin,
A new life as a butterfly she will begin.

The ugly duckling, shy and shunned from the crowd,
Silences it’s squawk because she cries too loud.
Yet through the nights and as the days grow long,
She becomes the swan, the herald trumpeter of song.

The only constant in this life is change.
Only through trial will the actor take the stage.
To let go of what we believe is safe and what we know,
Is the only way to reach, where others fear to go.


From the ashes

From the Ashes
Kay Rice

There’s no more fear, ’cause I have nothing left to loose,
No more scars, no open wounds, no more pride to bruise.
I spin faster and faster, yet I maintain this control
Watch how the heat of passion can turn so cold.

Once a bird whose song could never be heard over the wind,
She lost her fight, finally broken from trying too hard to bend.
Ashes replaced her feathers, broken teathered feet in that cage,
Now from the ashes a flame bursts out, rise a phoenix filled with rage.

There’s no more fear, ’cause I have nothing left to loose,
No more scars, no more open wounds, no more pride to bruise.
Rising up above the smoke and destruction of what was my life,
Watch how the heat of revenge can swallow strife.

Once a quite and sullen sparrow barely holding on to her branch,
Crying silent tears that no one ever saw or bothered to catch.
She died there all alone, no song to sing, on that cold spring day,
The wind gave her freedom and quietly blew her ashes away.

There’s no more fear, ’cause I have nothing left to loose,
No more scars, no more open wounds, no more pride to bruise.
I am not a victum of this world, I survived in a different form,
And from the ashes, a phoenix of fire, a warrior was born.


Path of the Beast

Path of the Beast
Kay L. Rice
May 1, 2014

When you are forced to stand at the edge,
Forced to remember promises, a long lost pledge.
Choose to take on the enemy or face your fears,
You aren’t ready to fight, yet there are no more tears.
When the darkness calls your name too many times,
And the voices in your head are committing crimes.

All you have to do is close your eyes and feel inside,
The freedom spirit that you buried, you tried to hide.
Let her or him take his form, be it beauty or be it beast,
Let it out, it’s hungry and waits to arrive at the battle feast.
He or she will carry you through and take over heart and soul,
As it arrives, filling every broken piece to make you whole.

When you want to lie down, give your head to end it all,
When you’ve climbed so long the only option is to fall.
Forced to make a choice where there seems to be no end,
When you have cracks from trying to do nothing but bend.
When the darkness beckons you to fall into a deep sleep,
To give in and find an uneasy peace within a cold keep.

Close your eyes pull deep inside your beast to call,
It will be ready and eager, waiting to prevent your fall.
Allow your eyes to see from behind fears strong wall,
Open the cage let it flow from deep within your soul,
Accept the strength, it’s not a curse, it will make you whole.

Every day is a fight a struggle to find one’s way,
You can be a victim and be pitied every day.
You can fight to pull through, loosing piece by piece,
To become a survivor yet broken barely at peace.
But your beast within wants to live and be proud,
So choose to be a warrior and make sure you live loud!