Bend or Break

Bend or Break
Kay Rice

The wind blows harder both day and night,
Now is not the time to give up the fight.
The wind that tries to break us can give us life,
We grow stronger with each test that brings new strife,
When life seems to no longer give, but only takes,
We must learn to bend, to grow and refuse to break.

The earth may tremble under our feet, we may fall,
Will you hold on tight to life and answer the call?
The world may crumble around us, security is gone,
It’s easy to blame others for all that goes wrong,
Watch the world scramble for promises of false security,
Do you know that we each hold our own lock and our own key?

The ocean may swell, building waves to swallow us whole,
As we scramble to save material treasures, forgetting our own soul.
The water will wash away the filth; can you swim through your regret?
Will you feel that your world is destroyed or is there a beginning, yet?
When the storms come and blow, will you bend or will you break?
When those are starving around you, will you give or will you take?

The storms are growing yet the ground grows dry and brittle,
The tests are growing, yet we refuse to see, even just a little.
Will you find yourself with no way out, backed up against a wall?
Or will you stand up, dust yourself off, and refuse to fall?
When the world around us no longer gives and only takes,
We must learn to bend, to grow and refuse to ever break.