Blue Roses

Blue Roses
Kay Rice

A petal falls from the bouquet of blue,
Once alive ad firm as they arrived from you.
Beautiful blue roses graced this room,
Sadly, they wilt all too soon.

A rose for each year you knew my smile,
A rose for all that time separated by miles.
A rose for the day you first kissed my lips,
A rose for the first time you embraced my hips.

Each rose a meaning and sealed with a kiss,
Each rose has its own special ist.
You remembered my love of roses so blue,
and bring them to me to show your love so true.

Beautiful blue roses to show me your heart,
yet sadly they wilt and soon will depart.
Yet, what is this one in the middle standing so high?
One single rose that will never die.

This one single rose is the symbol of your eternal love,
A rose so perfect and as soft as a dove.
A rose like your love which will never die,
A rose to always be kept and cherished by my side.