Tears From The Heart #FWF

Tears From The Heart
Kay Rice

When you look at me, I see your soul,
Your strength and love which made me whole.
The tears you shed for me in the past,
Have cultivated a garden of love to last.

The smiles, the joy, and pride you show,
Are feelings which I have never known.
To tell me that you love, a girl like me,
And to show me what it is that you see.

The tears which would rain down your face,
Now are tears of joy, as I lay in your embrace.
A girl like me, one like you’ve never known,
A small fragile flower, your tears have sown.

The pride you show in your eyes of love,
Show me the way to fly, so high above.
The lessons you teach with tender touch,
Have given a new life, one I longed for so much.

Your tears once from sadness, now from pride,
Have given me a reason to no longer hide.
You felt my pain and took my trials as your own,
So we could be together, to forever roam.

Your eyes show so much of my own heart,
Connected so deep and never to part.
Your arms around me in an eternal embrace,
Your tears are mine, as they run down my face.

This girl like me, loves a boy like you,
A love that is rare and enjoyed by few.
Your tears rain down from your eyes to mine,
Together entwined until the end of time.