By Kay L. Rice

She rose from the dead on a cold Autumn night,
Beaten and scarred with eyes stolen of sight.
She was given the breath of beasts of gold,
As an angel filled her lungs with air ice cold.

She trained and she grew under watchful eye,
Learning to fight, to stand, protect and fly.
Days and nights of joy replaced a life of pain,
Knowing each morning she would never be the same.

She remembered when she had no voice,
A thunderous scream from her chest arose.
Staring at the scars, the burns, the brand,
Declaring never again from any one’s hand.

She left her city, broken lifted up in an angels arms,
Now, she returns to protect others from harm.
To those who prey on the weak and small, this believe
Karma has risen to protect, with sharp claws & teeth.

Do not use without permission of Kay L. Rice.
Story & character copyright material of Kay L. Rice



You used me,
        Abused me,
                 Burned me,
                        Scorned me.

You betrayed me,
        Blamed me,
             Labeled me,
                    Sold me.

You lied to me,
           Preyed on me,
                    Took from me,
                                Stole from me.

And yet,
     You did forget,
           My wings were set,
                I won the final bet.

Do not use without written permission of author Kay L.Rice