The Tide’s Edge

Stand quietly at the tide's edge,
The place where she made her pledge,
Feel the sand slip away to the blue,
And remember the way she looked at you.
The waves still echo her song,
A reminder that she's not really gone,
As the faint aroma of jasmine lifts in the air,
The foam on the waves reflect like the gold of her hair.
Bring to the place where the tide kisses the land,
Place a shell, an old coin & a rose on the sand,
Whisper her name without showing your tear,
Her reflection in the waves will appear.
Stand quietly here, at the tide's edge,
The place by the waves where she made her pledge,
A place where here heart was free to roam,
Among the waves in a place she will always call home.
By Kay Lynn Rice 
August 08,2021
Please don't use without permission or credit to the author.
Sketch by Kay Rice