Kay L. Rice

The World Says…
Diamonds are a girl’s best friend.
Yet I hear you say,
You are the diamond that shines without end.

The World Says…
Money and wealth is the what should fill our day.
And you tell me,
The treasure most sought is what is given away.

The World Says…
Push and force your rights and views on others.
And you answer softly,
Treat all around you as they are your sisters and brothers.

The World Screams…
Hoard what you have, take what you can get.
You quietly open my hand,
“Give what I give you, needs will be met.”

The Noise of the World,
Loud, chaotic and angry carries through the land.
Your voice gives me comfort,
Peaceful and Restful I become in your hand.



Kay L. Rice

The only constant in this life is change.
Only with trial will the actor take the stage.
To let go of what we think is safe and what we know,
Is the only way to reach, where others fear to go.

The caterpillar spends its days on sunshine and leaf,
The summer days are lazy, but they are so brief.
Through pain and the shedding of the skin,
A new life as a butterfly she will begin.

The ugly duckling, shy and shunned from the crowd,
Silences it’s squawk because she cries too loud.
Yet through the nights and as the days grow long,
She becomes the swan, the herald trumpeter of song.

The only constant in this life is change.
Only through trial will the actor take the stage.
To let go of what we believe is safe and what we know,
Is the only way to reach, where others fear to go.


Path of the Beast

Path of the Beast
Kay L. Rice
May 1, 2014

When you are forced to stand at the edge,
Forced to remember promises, a long lost pledge.
Choose to take on the enemy or face your fears,
You aren’t ready to fight, yet there are no more tears.
When the darkness calls your name too many times,
And the voices in your head are committing crimes.

All you have to do is close your eyes and feel inside,
The freedom spirit that you buried, you tried to hide.
Let her or him take his form, be it beauty or be it beast,
Let it out, it’s hungry and waits to arrive at the battle feast.
He or she will carry you through and take over heart and soul,
As it arrives, filling every broken piece to make you whole.

When you want to lie down, give your head to end it all,
When you’ve climbed so long the only option is to fall.
Forced to make a choice where there seems to be no end,
When you have cracks from trying to do nothing but bend.
When the darkness beckons you to fall into a deep sleep,
To give in and find an uneasy peace within a cold keep.

Close your eyes pull deep inside your beast to call,
It will be ready and eager, waiting to prevent your fall.
Allow your eyes to see from behind fears strong wall,
Open the cage let it flow from deep within your soul,
Accept the strength, it’s not a curse, it will make you whole.

Every day is a fight a struggle to find one’s way,
You can be a victim and be pitied every day.
You can fight to pull through, loosing piece by piece,
To become a survivor yet broken barely at peace.
But your beast within wants to live and be proud,
So choose to be a warrior and make sure you live loud!


No More


No More
Kay Rice
June 14, 2013

Wake up, rise, face a new day,
Body aching, growing in new ways.
Get up, crawl, if it’s all I can do,
Find the path, traveled by few.
Pain is just a temporary state,
Victory is an addicting taste.

Hold on tight, there is no easy path,
Each step, each move, a harder task.
Welcome the quiet before the storm hits,
There is no option, I refuse to quit.
No time to think, just react and fight,
Always see, what is just out of sight.

Jump start my heart from its long rest,
Hit the ground running, beating my best.
I refuse to be beaten by the pain inside,
I refuse to give up and be buried alive.
There is no more time to waste on tears,
There is no option, but to face my fears.

No more sleep walking,
No more useless talking,
No more tears,
No more fears,
No more endless nightmares,
No more waiting for what is fair.


My Drug of Choice

My Drug of Choice
by Kay Rice

Beauty is seen with your gentle eyes,
With your words, you paint the skies,
And share with me a vision grand,
Of places which to me are far off lands.

Sights so grand that cause a breathless stare,
You weave into words that transport me there,
The sounds are so beautiful, they are nature’s voice,
You send to me in gifts, unwrapped, I rejoice.

All the joy that lifts you up high,
Has given me a new reason to try,
As you present this beauty as its host,
You seem to have become my drug of choice.

Kay Rice

Are You Willing

Are You Willing?
by Kay Rice

Will you take my hand though it’s wrinkled and scarred?
Showing upon each vain the curse of a life so hard.
Will you touch my heart, though it beats slow and fades?
Where life had fallen short and sorrow gave way.

Will you look into my eyes though they seem blind from sight?
Dazed and clouded so empty and still so full of fright?
Can you see the terror that still swarms in ice-cold tears?
Listen close, screams from the nightmares you will hear.

Can you wrap around me the warmth that has long been gone?
Can you bring light to the dark and right all the wrongs?
Will you dare to kiss these lips though they are deathly cold?
Are you willing to buy back a soul, that was long since sold?

A wilted flower whose roots have since withered from thirst.
Petals have fallen brittle from lack of sun-burst.
Once a rose that grew wild and danced in the rain,
Now withered and broken from years of pain.

If your heart is that of true love with loyal bond to give,
Your lips may kiss mine and my heart will live.
If a moment of doubt arises, as your breath becomes mine,
The last will to live will escape and die.

Take my hand and my heart, but take it as your own,
Carry my love on your lips, and bring me back home.
Awake my soul to the music and we will dance as one,
With your gift all the nightmares will be undone.

Kay Rice
March 08, 2011