The Pirate Queen

The Pirate Queen
Kay Rice

Torn and tattered, battle ridden,
Scars raised on sun-kissed skin.
Eyes reflecting the years at sea,
Standing taller than what she should be.

The grim secrets, she hides and holds tight,
Hangs around her neck like a noose tonight.
Freedom to some, a curse to the heart,
To choose one, the other must part.

Though brave and wise, she has become,
Cold and vicious, she appears to some.
She holds a dream unknown to all,
But now she fights until she should fall.

The only vow she makes, is to obey the sea,
No forgiveness to be given, no final plea.
Eyes focused on gold and adventures to find,
She will sail in legends until the end of time.

Sword and pistol always within her reach,
Taking heed to the lessons the battles teach.
The wind at her back, sun on her face,
The sea keeps her secrets, leaving no trace.

No apologies given to the life left behind,
There is no room for those memories in her mind.
No regrets for escaping the land and a home,
She is free to live and happy to roam.

Love is a weakness, she tells herself each day,
Yet love is the reason she chose to live this way.
Her weakness, she hides yet she holds so tight,
To the memory which hangs like a noose tonight.

The waves reflect an old picture of her,
Once a young girl innocent and pure.
She fell in love with a rogue of the sea,
Stories he told her of a life that was free.

Like a coin that was tossed into the air,
Her life transformed, brazen from fare.
She chases a ghost, a vision in black,
Knowing she would never go back.

No longer a slave to what was the land,
Now the queen and her command is grand.
Her dreams are before her each night and day,
The stars each night are there to guide her way.

Strong and wise she leads her ship on,
Her legend lives on in many a bard’s song.
She lives the life that dreams are made of,
Where the sea and her ship are her only love.