Why “Words From the Ashes”?

Why is this Blog named “Words from the Ashes”?

It may seem like such a strange title, to display my “scribbles”, but there is a story behind it.

I have always referred to my poetry and short stories as “scribbles”, as it was a way for me to work out feelings and moments in my life as well as to give myself a voice. I would scribble away as a thought came to me, no matter when or where, that little muse would pop onto my shoulder and whisper, or yell into my ear. I’ve been known to wake up and write from a dream, pull over from driving, scribble on a napkin at a meal. I write about things I see, hear, live, or witness, whatever moves me.

Now, the Ashes part. I have always loved the legend of the Phoenix. The mythical bird that had to die to become what she truly was, strong, beautiful and alive. This is my writing. For years I would write and lock them away or have only a chosen few to read them. But it was a part of my past that brought them out of the shadows, my husband. It has been his love of my ‘scribbles’ that blew off the dust and encouraged me to enter them into publishing contests, to bring them to the public eye. He has given me the courage to write out loud. And so the Phoenix now rises from the Ashes. These are the words that echo the fire and the songs from deep inside of me.

I hope you enjoy them. I hope they touch you, give you courage, open your eyes and let you feel. Most of all I hope they give you the wings that were given to me.

Kay Rice

2 thoughts on “Why “Words From the Ashes”?”

  1. I am so happy to see you put your work out for others to enjoy. Your writing portrays an inner power and beauty. I will always support you.


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